Audiometric testing is an evaluation of a person’s ability to hear. In order to understand whether a worker’s hearing is being impaired as a result of job related activities, we recommend performing baseline testing prior to employment, followed by periodic testing every 12 months.

Our audiometric testing program establishes a baseline hearing level for employees who are exposed to noise in the workplace. With that baseline, we’re able to monitor and flag any negative impact of exposure to noise in the workplace on an ongoing basis. Employees who are exposed to excessive noise in the workplace should take part in a hearing conservation program, which is designed to maintain audiometric testing results, to prompt regular follow-ups, and to provide ongoing education and support.

Our test results are made meaningful with easy-to-understand graphs and written summaries available to both the employer and employee. Abnormal results are followed up with a referral to our physician or audiologist as required.

Precede's audiometric testing services ensures compliance with Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) legislation by ensuring that audiometric tests are valid using standardized equipment and protocols across the country. Reviews are completed by certified technicians and referrals are made to hearing professionals when required.