The Importance of Medical Fit to Work Testing

In honor of 2019’s recent International Nurses Week, we at Precede Occupational Health Services want to take a look at the importance of our nurses and doctors, and discuss why the work they do is so crucial.

One of the major assessments that our Medicals here at Precede do is Fit to Work testing, which can be described as a medical assessment done by Precede's Registered Nurses or Doctors when clients wish to be sure that an employee can safely do a specific job or task. Essentially, the primary purpose of these Fit to Work assessments is to ensure that an individual is able to effectively complete workplace tasks without risk to their own, or others' health and safety. Fit to Work assessments are extremely important, not only for individuals, but for organizations as well. The benefits to these assessments are extensive, and demonstrate why Fit to Work testing is such a crucial part of Occupational Health and Safety.

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Helping Individuals

There are many reasons as to why a Fit to Work assessment may be needed. For example, if an individuals’ condition may potentially be worsened by the job, or if an individuals’ condition makes certain jobs unsafe to them personally, or to others. There are also a number of benefits that Fit to Work testing provides for individuals, some of the most significant being reduced health risks, an improved work performance, and a lesser chance of developing mental illness.

Helping Organizations

As mentioned in our previous blog, mental illness has caused around 200 million lost workdays a year, whereas according to an AWCBC study, there were a total of 251,625 Lost Time Claims in Canada in 2017. By conducting Fit to Work assessments, the possibility of an employee injury is greatly reduced, which minimizes the amount of lost time due to an injury and ultimately saves your organization money. In addition, the benefits of Fit to Work assessments for organizations also include reduced sickness absence levels, a greater staff satisfaction, reduced turnover of staff, and improved productivity.

Fit to Work testing is an extremely significant assessment that will provide your organization and your employees with many important benefits. Here at Precede, our medical fitness testing services are ONLY completed by Registered Nurses and/or Medical Doctors, and we are able to customize our Medicals to meet the needs of any of our clients. By guaranteeing that all Precede Fit to Work assessments are completed by either a Physician or Registered Nurse, we ensure your company the highest standard and protection in North America, as well as your employees the best educated and certified health care professionals in the world!

We at Precede believe that it is extremely important to recognize and appreciate the work that our own staff do on a daily basis, and hope every one of our Registered Nurses had a happy International Nurses Week!

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