Why Your Company Should Drug Test


Substance abuse makes an increasingly negative impact on businesses, causing an overall loss of time, money, and productivity. Workplace substance abuse costs companies around 100 billion dollars each year, which is money loss that can easily be prevented by having your company perform workplace drug and alcohol testing.


According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, 67.9% of adults who use illegal drugs are employed. In general, individuals who use illegal substances are more likely to be late or absent from work, have a reduced work quality and overall productivity, and are of higher risk of causing workplace accidents. Employees want to feel safe in their work environment, but they also want a workplace that is productive and efficient as well. Drug testing is a contributing factor to improved job performance, and a reduction in workplace accidents. 50% of workplace accidents and up to 40% of employee theft is caused by drug abuse, and implementing a drug and alcohol testing program for your company shows that you’re prioritizing the health and security of your employees, and creating a safe workplace environment.


Not only does a drug and alcohol program promote safety in the workplace, but it also saves your business a staggering amount of money. There are many different costs associated with employees who are using illicit drugs, such as Workers Compensation, medical costs, unexcused absences, lost productivity, and employee turnover. Essentially, substance abuse has an overall impact on productivity and performance, potentially putting your employees at risk, and causing your business to lose money.

Want to learn more about how workplace testing can benefit your company? Take a look at the video below.


Here at Precede, we offer full services in either consulting you on the deficiencies and strengths within your current drug and alcohol policy, or we can also fully develop your policy- customized to your company’s needs. We also offer a drug screen known as the Express Test, which is a quick and easy way to screen for illicit drugs with almost 100% accuracy, and we are able to send results to a leading-edge medical laboratory, providing you with your complete testing needs and results. We are committed to helping you keep your employees safe, productive, and reliable, as well as saving your company money at the same time. For more information on the drug and alcohol services that Precede offers, please click here.

Ultimately, the actual cost of drug and alcohol testing itself is very minimal in comparison to the cost of employing an individual who is using illegal substances. We at Precede believe that every employee has the right to feel safe and valued in the workplace, and implementing an effective drug and alcohol policy is the best way to do so.

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