Introducing Our Velocity Results Solution Software


Today, we at Precede are excited to formally announce our internally constructed and managed Velocity Results Solution software, or VRS, which will give our clients complete control of booking appointments online, receiving test results, and extracting data reports for your company. The Velocity Results Solution software is not only customized solely for our company, but is a fast, efficient, and effective way of managing your appointments and results with Precede. It also ensures that all medical and personal information remains entirely confidential and compliant with North American PIPEDA/HIPAA legislation.



Essentially, our goal with the VRS software is to simplify employee Occupational Health management by utilizing a straightforward and secure booking and results process. VRS highlights the importance of speed, efficiency, accuracy, availability, and ease for our clients to receive their results. Our solution is internally built, customized solely for Precede, and is not a third party application or software.

VRS provides our clients with integrated communications, as clients are able to chat with our CSR department while booking an appointment, or are able to chat with their team about a recent result. As our Velocity Results Solution software prides itself on efficiency, it’s easy to search for employees and pull up their history, saving our clients their precious time. VRS also has implemented security features that help keep our clients’ personal and medical information confidential, creating a sense of trust and reliability for our clients.



VRS provides our clients with many special features, such as:

  • Clients are able to access all reports and filter by their specific reporting needs

  • Search boxes that allow clients to access information efficiently

  • New method of securely sending reports

  • Ability to issue online booking requests while always being able to talk directly to our business-leading Customer Service Representatives in a live call

  • Clients are able to customize their company dashboard (e.g. set up DER’s, preferred communication, etc)

  • Sends confirmation of appointments to clients being tested (by email, text message, or phone call)


The VRS setup process is fast and simple, helping clients access testing results and manage their appointments with ease. For a complete step-by-step guide on how to sign up and access our Velocity Results Solution software, please watch the video below.

We at Precede strive to continuously enhance our customers’ experience with our services, and always ensure that we are providing our clients with the most effective, efficient, and simple data management process. We hope that our improved Velocity Results Solution software creates an optimized mobile experience for our clients, as it provides users with more control and easier access to their data management. We will continue to innovate and improve our services whenever possible, as we strive to make our clients’ experiences the best that they can be.

We hope that you enjoy VRS as much as we do.

For more information on our Velocity Results Solution software, please click here. To learn more about how Precede Occupational Health Services can help you and your organization, click here.