Precede’s Disability Management Program: What We Do and What You Need To Know


In our past BLOGS, we’ve learned that factors like substance abuse, injury, and illness can cost your company a very significant amount of money. However, this is money loss that can be prevented, or at the very least, mitigated, with a few simple steps. While it’s impossible to completely eradicate workplace injuries, there is a way that your company can take action after an employee injury to help save you time, energy, and money, while still ensuring the wellbeing of your staff.


In short, our Disability Management Program helps employees return to work safely after experiencing an injury by providing access to quality medical care while having Precede Physicians and Registered Nurses facilitating all communication between employee, employer, doctor, and WCB. Our program helps employees return to work in a safe and timely manner, provides fast and appropriate medical attention and rehabilitation for the employee, educates workers and employers on injury prevention, and ensures that LTI, insurance premiums, and WCB claims are managed properly and appropriately.


  • The sooner that an employee returns to work after an injury, the less impact there is on both the employee and the workplace. Precede’s Disability Management Program provides workers with fast medical care, reducing the amount of time an injury can take an employee away from work. All of this is managed from point of injury to return-to-work by Precede Physicians, RN’s and Disability Management experts with extensive background, training and experience.

  • Our program also provides your company with ways to implement modified work, such as changes in tasks, reducing hours, or changing an employees’ workplace environment and equipment to ensure that your worker is taken care of, while also avoiding unnecessary lost time.

  • Our Disability Management reports contain detailed physical work capabilities to help determine return-to-work dates and possible modified work options.

  • The program ensures that the worker, employer, case manager, and doctor are all on the same page and share the same information.

  • Workers’ compensation costs are reduced due to an earlier return-to-work date and faster medical care, saving you valuable dollars.


Precede’s role is to provide your company with fast and effective medical care and advice that helps shape the return-to-work plan. Some of the responsibilities of our Disability Management Program include:

  • Ensuring that your staff is taken care of by a medical team that knows your business, your work, and the physical demands of the job that they are required to do

  • Ensuring that your HR team has the people, the tools, and the expertise to navigate the challenging waters of injury, illness, and possible lost time/WCB claims

  • Teaching employers about our disability management processes and how to implement these processes in the workplace

  • Visiting the workplace to gather job information and maintaining this information through communication and additional visits

  • Helping both employees and employers with completing WCB reports

  • Performing a complete assessment of an employee injury

  • Educating both employees and employers on injury prevention and return-to-work strategies

  • Collaborating with workers and employers to create a return-to-work plan

  • Expediting medical tests that are required for workers

  • Offering follow-up visits with employers if needed, and more

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Investing in a solid disability management program not only saves your company money, but also ensures that the health and safety of your employees is a top priority. It’s an employers’ job to support their employees both at work, and during the return-to-work process. Precede’s Disability Management Program can help you take care of your employees and reduce the amount of lost time that an injury can cause, ultimately saving you precious time and money all while ensuring your staff are taken care of and feel good about the processes involved.

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