Celebrating Alberta’s Western Heritage and History at Precede


With this year’s Stampede season officially in motion, Precede feels that it’s important to celebrate Alberta’s Western heritage and history in this week’s blog. Although we’re a company with operations all over North America, we at Precede are very proud to be Albertan born and raised. Part of the pride that we feel is not only the fact that we believe in the celebration of our history and heritage, but also that we show that pride through a number of different involvements, sponsorships, and partnerships. We believe that as a business serving Canada and America for over 15 years, giving back to our communities is extremely important. 


Brett Monea is a professional bullfighter and rancher, and a partner of Precede Occupational Health Services. When we asked Brett to explain what our partnership means to him, he told us that: “the integrity and leadership within Precede, their passion for safe work environments and healthy people is directly in line with my beliefs and values, and this partnership helps me continue down the road of doing what I love while still taking care of the people I love back home”. We at Precede are honored to have Brett Monea as our partner, and hope to continue to support Western sport, heritage, and history with Brett as much as possible.



The WPCA works to enhance Chuckwagon racing as an original Western heritage sport, and makes Chuckwagon racing more sustainable, more exciting, and safer for the athletes and drivers alike. We asked one of our partners associated with the WPCA, Bryan Hebson, about what our partnership means to him and the Chuckwagon sport, and Bryan told us that: “The WPCA takes safety very seriously and our partnership with Precede allows us to stay on top of the safety standards and ensure that the drivers and horses are safe at all times during their races, as well as before. It’s a partnership that we look forward to having in the future, and really, the sport could not do without it”. Precede is excited and proud to continue working with the WPCA, and to place the safety of everyone involved in the sport at the highest priority.



The annual Canadian Cowboy Classic golf tournament supports the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team, and all of the proceeds raised at the tournament go directly to the not-for-profit organization. Precede not only sponsored this tournament, but some of our team members also golfed in it! The Canadian Cowboy Classic has raised over 50,000 dollars over the past three years, and the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team helps athletes in their rodeo careers by providing care before, during, or after each performance. Our Precede team members had a fantastic time participating in this tournament, and are proud to be a part of such a valuable cause.


Cody Snyder was the first Canadian to be crowned the PRCA’S World Champion Bull Rider in 1983, and after his retirement, he and his wife and business partner, Rhonda Snyder, created a bull riding production company called Cody Snyder Bullbustin Inc. Bullbustin Inc. has produced over 400 events across North America, and has raised over 1.5 million dollars for charity in the past 20 years. Not only has Precede been a sponsor of Cody Snyder’s annual Bullbustin event, but some of our Precede team members also volunteer to help with the operation of the event. Precede is proud to be a part of such an inspiring event, and is dedicated to supporting Western rodeo and its athletes.


Throughout the years, Precede has prioritized the opportunity to give back to all of the communities that we have clinics in, and we ensure that a large piece of that giving back is to recognize Western heritage and history. We at Precede are honored to be associated with such incredible partners and events, and hope to continue celebrating the Western aspects that make us proud Albertans for many years to come.

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