Random Drug & Alcohol Testing With Precede


Random Drug and Alcohol Testing can effectively detect substance abuse in the workplace, ultimately helping keep employees safe and healthy in the workplace. More and more companies are using Random Testing as a method of reducing workplace incidents, and as an extra precaution if experiencing an increase in positive results after an incident. Random Testing is a great tool to identify substance abuse in the workplace, in a fair and effective way.


Random Testing essentially means that each person in the testing pool has the same chance of being selected each time, whether they’ve previously been selected or not. We at Precede provide Random Testing services, and our experienced professionals are able to help you determine when and whom to administer a random drug test. Not only does Random Testing discourage substance use during employment, rather than before an employee is hired, but it also creates a safer, healthier, and more stable workplace environment.


Random Testing may seem complicated, or time-consuming, but in reality, it’s the exact opposite. Random Testing will help save your company time and money, as you’ll avoid the decreased productivity and high turnover rates that come from hiring an individual involved with substance abuse. Here’s a look at how the Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Process works:

  • Each individual in the pool has an equal chance of being selected every testing period (monthly, quarterly, etc.)

  • Customized set up for each client’s testing needs, depending on location, site, third-party compliance policy, etc.

  • The Precede software program does not factor in whether a worker has been previously tested. This is the most common type of random drug and alcohol testing program.

  • Precede’s expertise in random testing ensures a true random selection by using a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved random number generator to give each worker in the pool an equal chance of being selected. This completely removes the employer from the selection process and guarantees integrity and defensibility.

  • Precede does NOT CHARGE our clients to administer the random selection process. This service is set up, administered, and documented on our end as a free service to our clients that use Precede to complete the actual random drug and/or alcohol testing.

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We at Precede use a computer-generated program/software application that is D.O.T compliant, guaranteeing random selection. In order to take some weight off of your shoulders, we also handle all record-keeping, and our software works with your HR Department by integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Excel and Google Drive Spreadsheets. We strive to provide your company with the fastest, most efficient services, which is why we will verbally report all results to your Designated Employee Representative within a 4-hour period. Same day results reporting is guaranteed, often even within 30 minutes of testing. 

Our goal at Precede is to make the Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Process as simple, quick, and effective as possible for your company so that you can continue maintaining a healthy and safe workplace environment. Random Testing is an excellent resource for your company, and not only ensures that substance abuse isn’t an issue in your workplace, but also saves you precious time and money.

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