All earplugs are fabricated from a hypo-allergenic medical grade silicone and sealer. A plastic storage pouch is provided, and can be made with choice of cord (with or without shirt clip), or cordless.

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-Class A, NRR 26 dB

-Offers the highest amount of sound reduction. Protects the user from sounds above 80 dB, allowing lower frequency sounds to be heard.

-Will still allow you to hear sounds below 80 dB (Speech ranges from 60-70dB)

**Please Note: In environments about 105 dB, wearing double protection (plugs and muffs) is recommended


-Class B, NRR 21 open, NRR 25 closed

-The dual filter provides variable attenuation. As the noise level increases, so does the noise reduction.

-At 85 dB the second filter closes, giving you all of the protection of a solid earplug.

-Once this stimulus is removed, this filter re-opens allowing for better hearing abilities of the critical sounds, like speech, while always suppressing the unwanted higher decibel sounds.


-Offers an acoustic filtered earplug with the elbow connection piece. this is suitable for a radio, music, or to talk on the phone. the cord can also be removed, leaving you with the acoustic filter benefits.

-Cord is not included


-Offer the same benefits of a solid earplug, but are trimmed smaller so as not to exert any pressure back onto the ear canal while laying on your side.

-The wearer is still able to hear the lower decibel sounds in their surrounding environment, such as speech, and their alarm clock. Traffic and construction noise is blocked.


-Impressions are taken using a copy of your earbuds, to create their exact shape and size in your custom earplug.

-Earbuds will fit snuggly into the earplug, allowing them to stay in place more firmly, but still be easily removed and usable without the custom earplug if needed.

-Offers noise cancelling benefits of a solid earplug, and because the plug fits into the canal of the ear, a fraction of the volume is needed.


-Single balanced armature speaker/driver package, and has overall broader sound with both highs and lows mixed into one.

-focused more on vocal tones and a higher frequency ranges

-The easy to use tactile touch button controls, as well as an integrated microphone for making and answering phone calls, give you the best control of wireless freedom and noise isolation.


-Controls: Volume Up/Down, Pause/Play/Advance/Replay Song, Answer/End Call, Integrated Microphone, Previous call back capabilities.

-Bluetooth Version: v4.1 (Low Battery consumption)

-Standby time: 180 hours

-Charge time: About 2 hours (rechargeable Lithium Battery included)

-Talk/Use Time: up to 5 hours

-Charging: Micro USB Cable device & A2DP enabled device such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, MP3, Mp4, Smart Phones and Tablets