A concrete Drug & Alcohol policy is very important for companies that want to adapt Drug & Alcohol testing, as it will become an essential guide on how to effectively test your employees within regulations. We offer full services in either consulting you on deficiencies and strengths within your current policy, or we can also fully develop your policy- customized to your company’s needs. After your program is completed to your needs, we then can offer a custom training session for your full management staff or to your entire staff, educating them on your new policy.

Certified Random DOT Software Program

Our Random Drug & Alcohol Management Software Program allows to simply and efficiently randomize your entire employee base for the purpose of Random Drug & Alcohol testing. The computer generated system allows us to enter all employees within the system, enter the percentage you are looking to test, and it will randomly draw that percentage amount of names for you. Very simple and efficient. This is an optional free service when purchasing our Drug & Alcohol Services.

Drug Testing

Instant Drug Screen (POCT)

Precede Occupational Health Services offers a drug screen known as an Express Test. The Express Test is a quick and easy way to screen for illicit drugs with almost 100% accuracy. We offer drug screens as a standard component of post-offer employment (pre-employment) program. This option is also available for Post-Accident, Reasonable Cause, Pre-Access, Return to Duty, as well as Random Testing.

POCT 12 Panel  - This drug screen offers immediate results in detecting the presence of 12 standard drugs of abuse, including Cocaine (COC)Marijuana (THC),Methamphetamine (mAMP)Opiates (OPI 2000)Amphetamine (AMP),Phencyclidine (PCP),  Ecstasy (MDMA)Oxycodone (OXY), Propoxyphene (PPX)Benzodiazepines (BZO)Methadone (MTD), and Barbiturates (BAR). This test is the standard test we offer with all our Pre-Employment Drug Testing.

Lab Based Drug Test

Precede Occupational Health Services offers Non-DOT/DOT Drug Laboratory Testing and collection services 24/7/365 days a year at sites throughout North America. Government issued photo ID is required for individuals being tested, as Precede follows strict DOT collection guidelines. All Non-DOT Drug test CCF (Chain of Custody Forms) are received by Kevin Balaneski (MRO-A) and processed according to Precede confidentiality policies. Once the confirmation is received from the laboratory, the MRO-A either reports on the confirmed negative results, or it is forwarded to one of POHS MRO for positive verification. POHS MRO provides our MRO-A with written reports that are kept on file for 5 years.

Supervisor Drug & Alcohol Training

This one day informative course is set to educate our clients on proper handlings of their Drug & Alcohol Policy, including review of the foundations of drug and alcohol testing within the workplace, discussion about the types of testing offered and the signs and symptoms of common drugs, and reasonable cause testing and documentation associated with usage. We also go through the Canadian upstream Petroleum Drug and Alcohol Model and Industry Standards. This course provides Supervisors and Managers with the basic information to running a smooth and effective Drug and Alcohol Program in the workplace. We have this training seminar running within our Training Centers periodically, within selected cities outside our Training Centers, and is available on-site as well.  

Breath Alcohol Test

Precede Occupational Health and Safety Services offers Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing. All breath alcohol tests are completed by trained and certified breath alcohol technicians following 49 CFR Part 40 Final Rule. Precede OHS uses Evidential Breath Alcohol Devices which are DOT compliant. Results are immediate.


  • POHS would comply with your company’s current protocol

  • Breath Alcohol tests are completed with J4 Alert Evidential Breathalyzers.

  • Drug Testing will be administered within 32 hours following accident/incident, or as soon practicable.

  • Alcohol tests will be performed up to eight hours after accident/incident or as soon as practicable.

Reasonable Cause

  • Reasonable Cause will include a DP7 Lab Based Screen, unless otherwise indicated by DER.


  • Express Drug Screen test would be used. If non-negative, second sample sent to Lab (DP7 Lab Screening) for confirmation.

Compliance with Legislation/Regulations/Collective Agreements

  • POHS will ensure compliance to all Legislation/Regulations and Collective Agreements by utilizing DOT documentation, as per USA DOT part 40 CFR.

Return to Duty / Follow-up:

  • To be determined by company DER.

 All Drug and Alcohol Testing completed within our seven office locations are reported to the companies (D.E.R.) Designate Employer Representative verbally within a 30-minute time frame. Any testing completed outside of our current office locations are reported to the company D.E.R. within a 30 min to 1-hour time frame.

Precede OHS has two available options for clients to receive their results.
a)      Phone call from Precede OHS collector with test results;
b)      Phone call from Precede OHS collector with test results and email confirmation to company D.E.R.’s secure email address.

Precede OHS Reporting Procedure:

Negative/Non Negative Drug and Alcohol exams – Day Time hours

Precede OHS will verbally report all Negative 7 Panel Drug screens and Breath Alcohol test results immediately (within 30 mins) to company’s D.E.R. as per our Reporting Protocol. If company D.E.R. is unavailable, Precede will make a second call within 15 mins and if the call is not received, a call will be made to alternate D.E.R. After-hours results are not inputted onto the company website until the following morning, so verbal confirmation is required.