Frequently Asked Questions - Employers

Why does my company need an occupational health and safety program?

Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Legislation requires that employers do everything they can to protect the health and safety of their workers, which includes conducting a health and safety survey of the workplace. This legislation requires that a health and safety manual/process be established, with regular audits to determine if risks or dangers in the workplace are found, which in turn determines if medical surveillance programs are needed.

As an employer, which types of drugs should I be testing for?

At Precede, we offer the five, seven, nine and ten-panel drug screen as a standard component of the post-offer employment program, as well as the 12 panel drug screen upon request, if needed. These tests offer immediate results in detecting the presence of standard drugs of abuse that are being tested for.

Do I have access to my employees’ results?

If you are a customer/client of Precede, you will have access to our custom Results & Reporting Software Portal. Once in the software, you will have access to current and historical results, and have the ability to search, perform queries, and retrieve statistics.

How reliable are the drug test results?

A confirmed positive result offers almost 100% assurance that the specific drug is present in the specimen and will be sent to a lab for further testing and confirmation.