Let our ONLINE SAFETY TRACKING SOFTWARE keep you and your company up to date with all your safety training and tracking needs. Watch the short video below, or go to the bottom of the page for a more extensive look at this software:

Demand for training continues to increase as amendments to government regulations are made and new training standards are set by a variety of independent industry bodies. The result is an ever-increasing need to invest further in training in order to achieve compliance.

Precede's Online training program can help supplement a blended learning model, combining online theory delivery with on-site
or in-class hands-on instruction and testing. We save
companies significant time and money by providing fundamental knowledge to trainees before class even starts, streamlining the learning process.

The Precede central course library is a publically available repository that includes hundreds of premium online safety courses. Each course is created with a unique combination of multimedia elements, which may include high-impact videos, interactive games, dynamic animations, captivating graphics, voice-over audio, and probing questions designed to help engage trainees.

Training topics cover many areas including:


Safety training requirements often depend on a variety of factors, including the industry, work site, task performed, and job title. These safety training courses will help your employees stay up-to-date on everything from electrical, confined space, and ground disturbance protocols to chemical, biological, and physical hazards including appropriate preparation, planning, and PPE.


Included in the central library are many courses applicable to anyone who spends significant time in the driver’s
seat. Courses in this subject area cover advanced
defensive driving techniques and strategies, safe backing procedures, fatigue and stress management, winter and distracted driving, as well as hours of service and weights and dimensions regulations.


Ensuring that everyone in your company knows how
to stay safe when working with or around equipment
is extremely important. Equipment safety courses help
accomplish this objective by providing insight into the components and basic operation of equipment commonly found on work sites such as aerial lifts, scaffolds, forklifts, fire extinguishers, chainsaws, and cranes.

Soft Skills

The competitive advantage of any company starts and ends with the talents and skills of its employees. This
is why soft skills training is valuable for employees at every level of your organization. Enrolling them in online personal development training can help them acquire and hone skills necessary for building a stronger, more resilient organization.


Awareness courses provide your employees with fundamental knowledge of various subject areas, including workplace inspections and violence, accident investigation, cultural diversity and discrimination, harassment prevention, ergonomics, substance abuse, environment management, and more.