Random drug and alcohol testing has been proven to be an effective way to deter substance misuse in the workplace. More and more companies are using Random Testing as a method of reducing workplace incidents, or where they see an increase in positive test results following incidents. ‘Random’ testing means that every person in the testing pool has the same chance of being selected each time – regardless of whether or not they have been previously selected or tested. At Precede Occupational Health Services, our experienced professionals will help you determine when and whom to administer a random drug test.

We use a computer-generated program/software application that is D.O.T. compliant, and that guarantees scientifically and mathematically valid random selection. We also handle all record-keeping, ensuring that the random drug screening process is objective, compliant, and can robustly handle any and all audits. Our software works with your Human Resources Department by integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Excel and Google Drive Spreadsheets.


  • Each individual in the pool has an equal chance of being selected every testing period (monthly, quarterly, etc.

  • Customized set up for each client’s testing needs, depending on location, site, third-party compliance policy, etc.

  • The Precede software program does not factor in whether a worker has been previously tested. This is the most common type of random drug and alcohol testing program.

  • Precede’s expertise in random testing ensures a true random selection by using a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved random number generator to give each worker in the pool an equal chance of being selected. This completely removes the employer from the selection process and guarantees integrity and defensibility.

  • Precede does NOT CHARGE our clients to administer the random selection process. This service is set up, administered, and documented on our end as a free service to our clients that use Precede to complete the actual random drug and/or alcohol testing.


If a positive result occurs, our Precede Nurse Director (Bonnie Krauss) will contact our client’s Designated Employee Representative (DER). It is important that an employee undergoing drug testing completes an accurate history of all prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal drug use prior to the time of the sample collection. Certain substances, over-the-counter, or prescription drugs may result in false positives due to cross-reactivity with other substances, although drug testing has evolved greatly over time to avoid this. The subject employee may be required to provide proof of a valid prescription if a positive result occurs.


All employees have the right to a safe work environment. This right is protected by federal and provincial Occupational Health and Safety legislation, which requires employers to take all reasonable precautions to prevent injuries or accidents in the workplace. Illegal drug use and abuse of prescription drugs puts your entire job site at risk, and random drug testing can be a helpful tool in identifying users of illegal substances that might prevent them from being alert to potential hazards.


Booking a Random Drug & Alcohol test is just as easy as our normal/preferred booking procedures. Get in touch with us:

  • Email us via: appointments@precedeohs.com

  • For current clients, you can book online here: Online Booking

  • Call us at 1-866-989-0499 to talk with a live Customer Service Representative. Our CSR’s can assist you with finding the most convenient location within our extensive North American-Wide network of facilities.


Designated Employee Representative: Precede Occupational Health Service will verbally report all Random Drug Screen and Breath Alcohol results to your Designated Employee Representative within a 4-hour period (same day results reporting guaranteed, often within 30 minutes of testing).

For quality assurance purposes, and to ensure that accuracy in reporting is at the highest standard of quality, Precede completes the following steps when reporting Random Results.

Following the completion of service, the Precede Client Service Staff will:

1. Contact your Designated Employee Representative (individual(s) to whom an employee gives written authorization to exercise a right of access) provided by your company at the time of contract signing. The order of contact will ALWAYS be the main Designated Employee Representative, then the secondary Designated Employee Representative(s) in the order of preference that they are supplied to Precede during implementation.

Precede will have the ability during the implementation process to ensure that the appropriate staff within your organization are obtaining the results at the time of reporting from Precede Staff.

2. If Precede Occupational Health Service cannot speak directly to either the DER, Precede will leave a message for DER stating:

“This is Precede Occupational Health Service; we have an urgent message for you. We will call back in 30 minutes to try reaching you again.”

3. Precede Occupational Health Service will also wait for electronic receipt from Appointment results email. Precede Occupational Health Service will, under no circumstances, leave test results on DER’s landline or cell phone.



 Will the Precede Random Software work with our enterprise HR system such as People Soft or Oracle?

As long as you can export/output your personnel list to a comma delineated file (.csv), or an Excel spreadsheet, we can easily import the list into our software. All of the enterprise HR systems we are aware of have this capability.

 Will Precede Random Software work with all versions of Excel?

Yes, it will work with all versions of Excel and Google Drive spreadsheets, but you do need to save your spreadsheet as an .xls or .csv file. When saving your Excel or Google Drive spreadsheet for use with Precede Random Software, save it as an "Excel 97-2003 Compatible Workbook," or a .xls or as a .csv (comma separated value) file and you'll be all set for import. 

 Is there a limit on the number of people that can be on an imported personnel list in the Precede Random Software?

Technically, no. The Precede Random Software has been tested with personnel lists with between 5,000 and 10,000 people without issue.

 Is there any kind of fee for the Precede Random Software?

No, if you are a current client of Precede, and you use our team to perform the random testing, the draws and subsequent of data tracking is all free.

 Is the Precede Random Software D.O.T. Compliant?

Yes, the Precede Random Software meets D.O.T. specifications as noted in 49CFR382.305 Section (i), which qualifies as a valid "computer-based random number generator". CITE 49CFR382.305 Subpart (i) (Department of Transportation TITLE 49) (i) The selection of drivers for random alcohol and controlled substances testing shall be made by a scientifically valid method, such as a random number table or a computer-based random number generator that is matched with drivers' Social Security numbers, payroll identification numbers, or other comparable identifying numbers. Under the selection process used, each person shall have an equal chance of being tested each time selections are made.

 Has the Precede Random Software used held up in court as a valid random selection software program for drug and alcohol testing?

Yes, in the case U.S. Department of Homeland Security, United States Coast Guard v. Shanks, The software was found to be a "scientifically or mathematically valid" method for random selection.

 What about our Year End Reporting and Record Keeping?

As with the software itself, our record keeping is easy with the software. Any time that you need a report of who has been tested (year-end for example), we can simply pull up the spreadsheets that were created in the reporting process and send them to you in this format for your own bookkeeping/reporting/compliance needs.